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12 Unforgettable Visits on your Tenerife Holidays

Tenerife island (Teneriffa in German) is the biggest of the Canary Islands, it's an ideal place to spend your holidays or to enjoy a break any time of the year, only 3 hours from Spain's mainland. With 2 airports it's easy to reach with cheap flights from all around Europe. Wide range of accommodation: cheap hotels, resorts and luxury villas, as well as nice temperature and weather, and black volcanic "playas"; here is all you need to know to enjoy your perfect holiday to Tenerife!

About Tenerife: Tenerife is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, it belongs to Spain, as well as other 6 Canary Islands. Tenerife is the biggest of the canaries; the capital city of Tenerife is called Santa Cruz de Tenerife, but you will spend most of your holidays in other places of the island: the south (Adeje municipality) and the interior of the island, where the Tenerife volcano, the master of the island is.

Teide National Park
The Teide National Park, with the volcano of same name standing out, 3,718 metres high, is the most visited National Park in Spain. Its special variety of flora and fauna, and its unique volcanic geology, make this place, UNESCO's Natural World Heritage, the great symbol of Tenerife. You can climb the summit easily with the cable railway: Way-up 9:00-16:00, Way-down 9:00-17:00; return ticket 24€ adults/12€ children.

Roques of García
Inside The Teide National Park, the Roques of García are rocks up to 120 m high in incredible shapes at the base of the volcano. The picture of the Teide Volcano from the Roques is one of the favourite postcard in Tenerife. Close to the Roques there is a sightseeing point with spectacular views of the plain of Ucanca. Though you can take a day trip from anywhere else on the island, a car rental is strongly advised for this visit!

La Laguna
University town with streets, palaces, manor houses and historic buildings, as the Cathedral or the Palace of Nava. The streets in the old town centre are World Heritage by UNESCO. In addition, La Laguna is a good place to relax in parks and shading squares, and enjoy typical Canaries food in local pubs.

La Orotava
La Orotava town is located on a vast valley full of banana trees, and it hosts historic buildings as well as beautiful traditional canaries houses with wooden balconies; this has helped its old town centre to be declared of National Historical-Artistic Interest.

Garachico was the island's main port till 1706, when it was buried under the lava in a great volcanic eruption.The church of Santa Ana, from 16th Century, rebuilt after the eruption of 1706, is one of the main treasures. Other interesting places are the old convents of San Francisco and Santo Domingo; the castle of San Miguel, the Palace of the Earls of La Gomera and the Palace of the Marquis of Quinta Roja.

Thousand-Year-Old Drago
Close to Garachico, in the neighbourhood of Icod de los Vinos, we can find one of the oldest and most spectacular examples of Drago trees in the world. Despite its name it's "only" supposed to be between 600 and 800 years old. The perimeter on its base is 12 metres, and it reaches 14 metres in height.

Masca, in the heart of Teno Rural Park, is a place with an spectacular landscape. It's a collection of small and old country houses in the beginning of the ravine, at 600m above sea level, surrounded by steeped walls and tropical plants. From the village of Masca there is a 4 hours length path ending on a virgin and lonely beach.

Los Gigantes Cliffs
It's one of the most spectacular seaside landscapes in Canary Islands. Up to 600m in height, suddenly drop on the ocean. They are located in the village of Santiago del Teide.

Basilica of La Candelaria
The village of Candelaria hosts in its basilica the Virgin of Candelaria, the patron saint of the Canary Islands. Besides this, the village has a bustling centre, mainly of locals, so it's a good spot for watching the daily life of the island.

Puerto de la Cruz
It's a very touristic town but still keeps some charming places: the quay, the Customs House or the Castle of San Felipe. You can also enjoy the ocean in the leisure & pool complex of Lago Martiánez.

El Medano
Some time ago a small fishing village it's now a paradise for windsurf and kite surf lovers.

Though beaches are not the best part of Tenerife, the nice weather allows you to enjoy them all along the year. Most of the beaches are volcanic ones with black sand; there are also natural swimming-pools made by the lava when falling into the ocean. Very famous one is the natural swimming-pool of El Caletón in Garachico.

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