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Caserio San Benito, fine restaurant and museum in a XVII century manor house

Caserio San Benito came up in 1991, although the project of restoration of the “cortijo” (typical Andalusian countryside manor house) started 20 years before. Since then, it has been a resounding success and now Caserio San Benito has become one of the most prestigious restaurants in Malaga province. This comes along with both a creative and traditional menu where quality is a standard. Rice with rabbit, Salmorejo, Crumbs, and porridge with fried bread and brown Honey, are good examples.

The Restaurant
At the entrance of the restaurant, a patio with a stone fountain leads us to the very warm atmosphere inside the house. This is a typical Andalusian countryside house, decorated with XVIII century antiquities. The house has his charm from the whitewashed walls, and the use of wood and lights, thus achieving a warm and peaceful atmosphere. A big chimney is the heart of the house.


The Museum
The museum hosts a branch of old tools collected by the owner. The building is a new one built using only old materials from others old manor houses in ruins in the nearby. It has three naves with a wooden ceiling and a natural stone floor. It also hosts an annual exposition of old toys. Entrance is absolutely free.

Interesting Facts
It has been selected by prestigious guides as Michelin, Gourmetour, Repsol and BMW guides. It’s been awarded with the Gold Dish of Spanish Gastronomy and the prize of Malaga Province Council.
Restaurant Caserio San Benito has been the filming location for some regional TV series. Nowadays it’s still being used as a location for a successful national TV series.


Caserio San Benito is located on the north of Malaga province, near to the border with Cordoba province. It’s close to the A45 motorway that links both cities, this allowing an easy access. Check its location on Google maps:

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A45 Motorway, exit 86.
Opens daily 8:00-17:00, and also Friday and Saturday evenings.

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