Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thermometers reach 26ºC in Malaga in mid-January

The more than 26 degrees the thermometers reached in Malaga this weekend made ​​us think that was not January but other time of the year. It was one of the highest temperatures ever recorded in this month and nearly ten degrees higher than normal average this season. 

The anticyclone which for more than a month and a half seems to be permanently installed in the Atlantic is changing what is supposed to be the rainy and cold season of the year. But this weekend, neither cold nor much less rain. The almost total absence of wind allowed the temperatures suddenly increased over 7ºC during the day and over 13ºC during the night. This means that during the morning the thermometer did not fall at any time below the 17 ºC. Glorious sunshine and holidays was the perfect combination for promenades and parks in Malaga. There were even some brave souls who decided to take a swim!

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